WildWords is a means of challenging the way in which poetry and the written word are presented and interacted with. It is an opportunity to temporarily place words in the context of their inspiration and in unexpected places, outdoors.

Poems and phrases which take inspiration from a particular theme are temporarily ‘scorched’ into areas of short grass. They will appear over a couple of days as the grass dies and alters from green to brown.

Over a couple of months, the time it will take for the grass to recover, the poems / words will transition from brown, back to green, until finally disappearing once recovery is complete.

The poems / words will be documented by film and photography during their transition and subsequent recovery, meaning that the only eventual evidence of the installation will be documented.

We are currently inviting submissions of text on the theme of 're-imagine' from all ages and backgrounds. Some of the texts will be selected to appear in London as part of KCAW21 in June 2021... click the button below for more information and to submit...